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Below you will find websites to help you in your Youth Ministry.  If you have a resource to add to this list please email it to:


AXIS PARENT RESOURCE - Please utilize our Field NYI’s partnership with Axis is a resource for families and family ministries that provides informed material for conversations at home and church. Their material is easy to navigate and up to date. Please check out the attached sample. Our prayer is that these resources and training would encourage and equip you in ministering to families and youth.
We offer each church an all-access organizational pass for a minimal donation of 45.00. We ask for a minimal donation of 45.00 from each church. However, for those churches with budgets, especially larger budgets, consider sending in a larger donation of 100-300 dollars to help keep this resource sustainable for our field. (Churches with 500+ in attendance would have to pay 700+ for this resource.) 
Please make payments through VENMO - @ECF-NYI 
Click the 
hyperlink to access our field’s unique portal for this resource. I wanted to reiterate that everyone needs to sign up using this link You will not be able to go in and login without this step being done first. I have heard from a couple of people who cannot login even though they logged in last year, but they need to "re-sign up" if that makes sense. 

Youth Leaders Download 
Youth Ministry

Simply Youth Ministry
Barefoot Ministries
Ministry to Youth
XP3 Students
The Youth Cartel
SparkHouse Youth