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The NYI Council needs your help! The ongoing ever-changing COVID-19 landscape presents numerous challenges in trying to plan one of our favorite annual events, District BLAST. If you or your teen(s) are someone who would attend BLAST in a typical year, your responses to this survey will help us determine how to best proceed in our planning.
Currently we are considering a late April, early May date for BLAST, with the hope that this would give us adequate time to prepare, with the highest probability the event would be able to take place.
Please answer these questions as best as you can given how you feel. We understand that you may change your mind between now and the Spring. These responses are completely confidential, (your email address will not be attached to your responses) and are only to give us a rough picture of what to expect.
We know that we might not be able to satisfy everyone's preferences for this event, but it is our hope to responsibly provide an experience that will benefit as many of our teens as possible. Your responses will make this possible. Thank you!
Craig Moore